Underdogs @Bandits 11/16/2019

We had our tourney for the Super Nor Cal 8 Man League this past weekend and it was interesting .

As long as the players on both teams had fun and got work in since this turned into just a scrimmage for both teams. Underdogs had the win for this game before it started for several reasons and the Commissioner of the league was contacted before game time.

It was good to see players from the Stampede and other teams coming up to play with the bandits for this game. All Underdogs are and were registered players for our team.

Underdogs are looking good getting ready now for their season in the PCFL and then after their PCFL season they will be doing 8 MAN again to keep our players conditioned and ready.

We are making moves, We have solid leadership and it is showing with each day. If you are interested in playing for our team please give Contact our GM JOHN MANES at john.manes@sacramentounderdogs.com

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