Questions asked about semi pro teams that I get on a daily basis..

Questions asked about semi pro teams that i get on a daily basis..

1) why do we have to pay to play?
2) Why dont you provide helmets and shoulder pads?
3) why do I have to be 18 and older?
4) Why do we have to provide our own transportation to away games?

1) We are semi pro so you will pay to play if you want to be paid to play then work on your skills and get yourself noticed. IF you are still able to attend and play College football I strongly URGE you to attend College (EDUCATION COMES FIRST) sports will be second.

2) If you would like players fees to increase to 500 to 800 per player ( as in youth sports) then that can happen however it is cheaper to purchase your own helmet and shoulder pads.

3) This is a adult team, your body is not mature enough to handle hits from 300 lb men… It would do more damage than good for you and it is not safe. We are here to have fun, not to have players hurt and injured.

4) Transportation is your responsibility after all you are all grown men that should have jobs to take care of your bills and families.
Most teams share rides and you pitch in gas money… no free riders.. this is a team and you should not abuse your team mates by taking advantage of their kindness.

Hope this clears this up.

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