Game Against North Bay Rattlers will not be played.

W e will NOT be playing our last home game against the North BAy Rattlers on the 19th at HHS. we will be getting ready for our last season game against the LIONS and a healthy team.

No team wants to forfeit a game and it comes to having a healthy team or causing more damage to the players.

I will not put the team at risk of more injuries due to the number of players we have and the number of plyers who actually show up to games.

Our team has heart and has never given up and has played till the end of each game regardless if we had a full team or 15 players/ .

so we will be getting our team back to health and be ready for JUne 2nd our last game of the season.

I am sure there are plenty of trash talkers out there right now however at the end of each game if a player is hurt and cant work the following MOnday then they cant take care of their families and that is not what football is about. It is bout having fun in what you love doing .


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